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Dear Friend,

Imagine instantly injecting your RAP website with the intelligence to:

  • Build Fast Cash
  • Motivate Buyers To Act Quickly
  • Motivate Affiliates To Promote For You (By Offering Them 100% Commission)
  • Build Your List of Customers
  • Automate Your Product Downloads
  • Generate Money For You 24/7 - Even While You Sleep

Well, all of this is possible with "dime sales". Dime sales, otherwise known as nickel sales, are sales campaigns that create urgency in buyers by raising the price per sale or over a predetermined time period. This is one of the most effective and proven ways to either launch a product or build a list fast.

Think about it, if you found the perfect solution to a problem you had, and you knew the price would rise $0.25 per sale or every 30 minutes, wouldn't you act quickly in order to secure the low price? Of course you would.

This is why many web businesses use dime sales to provide a quality product while creating a stampede of eager buyers.

Of course, the question then becomes

"How In The World Do I Create A Dime sale???"


Our RAP Certified Dimesale Addon is designed to save you time and make your life easier. Just look at what you can do with it:

  • Set Your Start Date & Time

    You can set the start date & time of your "Increase Over Time" dimesale. Your product sales page will not display or even indicate you're getting ready for a dimesale. Once this time comes it will display the appropriate slider box (if selected) and the dimesale countdown table. Everything is automated for you once you set this value! This feature is great for setting up your sales ahead of time or at a spur of the moment to rejuvinate old products

  • Set if you wish to use a Slider Box and Select A Dimesale Template Set

    A slider box is a scrolling box that will appear on the left side of the salesletter and scroll down the page to remind your visitors of the next price increase and will help to create that sense of urgency. We offer you the option to turn this feature on or off and the option to choose from templates/themes included or added for use with this addon. Themes allow you to have matching sliders and dimesale salespage tables.

  • Control Price Increment Per sale

    You can set the price to raise by 10 cents, $1 or any other amount you want after each sale.

  • Control Price Over Time

You can set the price to raise by 10 cents, $1 or any other amount you want after the pre-determined time you set passes. 1 minute, 10 minutes, half hour or more.

  • Option To Stop Increment After A Certain Price is Reached

    This option allows you to determine, if you feel it is appropriate, when the price should stop rising after a sale. For instance, if you start off at $1 and decide to raise it $0.25 per sale UNTIL the price is $37, you can do that!

    It's your choice, you can either let the price rise permanently or you can have it stop when the price reaches a certain amount! You have full control over your dimesale!
  • Options To Choose What Happens At The End Of Your Dimesale

    These options allow you to show a SOLD OUT page, redirect to a remote (off your site) url, display a template from your standard product template folder or simply display the normal salesletter with the ending price still in tact and removing the slider box and dimesale table so there is no indication to visitors after the sale that they missed out on a great deal.

    These features are automated and free up your time from having to manage your dimesales.
  • Create MULTIPLE Dimesales On ONE DOMAIN!

    Each product you setup in RAP can have its own independant dimesale configuration.

    Imagine having multiple revenue streams as you have affiliates promoting them all at once! Now imagine each dime sale offering a ONE TIME OFFER! If you are looking to grow your business, this is one reason you need the Dimesale Addon .

    Best of all, because the addon plugs into RAP, you would not have to worry about the download delivery, one time offer display or commission tracking. It's all done for you whether you offer one or twenty dime sales simultaneously!

This is set up to work 24/7 for you. You literally just set it and forget it!

There is no easier way on the planet to create one more simultaneous RAP dime sale campaigns that bring you money 24/7/365!

Re-read that sentence, please!

"Officially Certified" Addons!

Every “” brand addon is “Officially Certified” by Sid Hale the creator of Rapid Action Profits Sales System.To be certified each addon is fully tested to work out of the box and guaranteed not to conflict with other Certified Addons. Certified Addons will not alter core Rapid Action Profits files so that core upgrades can be applied easily and without fail.

“” brand addons…

  • Come with full step by step documentation.Have a simple install sequence.
    • Upload the distributionLog into your rap adminClick the install link in the addon menu
    • Administer The Addon
    Have a link to their own support forum available
    from each specific addon’s dashboard page.Are administered within the main Rapid Action Profits dashboard.
  • Come with a built in version checker to indicate if you have the latest version. If not a link to download the latest version is provide from within the addon dashboard.


What About Support?

You receive THREE levels of FREE SUPPORT:

1.) Installation & Operational Users Guide

-> Detailed instructions on how to set-up and configure this script for optimal performance in less time.

Walk Through:

-> Installation of Your Script
-> Setting Up Your Script
-> How To Navigate The Admin Panel
-> How To Create & Modify Your Dime Sales

I cannot explain how EASY it is. And once you've done it once or twice, forget it, it's second nature and you can run a dime sale in your sleep!

2.) Message Board Support

-> If you are stumped, there is a owners forum. A special password is given to you so you can register for the forum. You will be able to find help you may require beyond what the guide/manual provides.

3.) Support Helpdesk

-> If you are still stumped, I am available to answer any question you may have. Most people do NOT need it for what it's worth.

That's it, that's what this is. It's an automated dimesale creation solution for Rapid Action Profits designed to make you money in your sleep.


The First & Only RAP Addon That Allows You To Configure Individual Dimesales For Each Product On The Same Domain!


What Are You Waiting For...

...Grab This For Only $67.00

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Give this addon a try. If you are not completely satisfied, I will make sure you receive your money back without any questions!


  • 100% Compatibility with RAP 3.0+
  • Compatible With Other Brand Addons.
  • Manages Multiple Dimesales For All Products
    • Each Product Can Have Its Own Dimesale
  • Two Dimesale Types
    • Increase Price Over Time
    • Increase Price Per Purchase
  • Creates Urgency In Your Buyers
  • Automated Start and Stop Features
  • Quick Start Installation & Owners Guide
  • Owners Forum & Help Desk Support
  • Free Updates & Upgrades
  • Proprietary Version Checking System
  • Updates & Support Links Provided From The Addon Dashboard


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