Create Urgency and Force Your Visitors To Make A Buying Decision Right NOW!


"Run A Price Spinner Sale!"

This concept is simple yet very powerful...Your visitor lands on your salespage and sees that they can get your product at an introductory price or return later and get it for a higher price.

While there on their first visit (only) ... you sweeten the deal by allowing them to spin the price for a chance to pay a lower price than the introductory price being offered.

Each time they spin they can purchase at that spun price or leave and pay the return price if they come back.

The spinner will randomly display prices above and below the introductory price until it stops spinning.

Your visitor doesn't know this but they will always get a lower price than the introductory price when they spin.

This has a psychological effect and persuades them to buy. You see your visitor is being offered a lower price than the introductory price. They know if they leave the page they are loosing this one time chance at this savings. This practically forces them to buy RIGHT NOW!

If that lower price represents a significant enough savings to them they may make their purchase right then. Some may risk it and try another spin to see if they can get an even lower price.

From one spin to the next the price may go higher than the previous spin but it will still be lower than the introductory price. Again your visitors won't know that unless you tell them.

Once they leave they will "NOT" get another chance to spin and will have to pay the return price if they want to make a purchase.


Pretty Powerful Stuff Huh?


"Simple To Configure"

Managing Price Spinner sales has never been easier!

From the Price Spinner dashboard you are able to configure a spinner sale for both the frontend or backend offers and because this is a RAP Addon you can immediately add a spinner sale to any of your existing and newly created sales on your system.

You have full control over the following settings after you select the product from your default RAP products menu.:

Min Price For Spinner: This is the lowest price you want the spinner to offer your product for. In order for the buyers transaction to pass the fraud check the price you place in this field must match or be higher than the price setting you entered in the normal rap products settings for this product.

Max Price : The price entered here is the initial price your visitors will see when they land on the page. It also serves as a boundary for the spinner to not present a price over this amount. Although the price spins higher it will never end higher than this price giving the buyer a sense of getting a deal since the spinning price will always fall lower than the initial price.

Return Price For Spinner: This is the price your visitor will see when they refresh the page or leave and come back.

Max Tries: This is the maximum amount of tries you will allow your visitors to attempt to get a lower price.

Choose A Template: This is the file used for the Price Spinner Box. They are located in a template folder. You have tags that must be used to display key components of your Spinner Sale within these templates. However, you have full control over the look and feel of how the Price Spinner is presented on your site.

NOTE: A default template is provided so you can run a Price Spinner sale right away and a starter template is provided to help you understand how to create your own.


"See Price Spinner In Action Below"


I think its silly when a devloper is selling a product and they don't use the product when its appropriate for potential customers to see and experience it working first hand.

For instance someone using a totally different sales system to sell another sales system.

Well we are having a Price Spinner Sale to sell the Price Spinner Addon right now. If you scroll down you will see what your introductory price is and the price if you refresh the page or leave and return to the page at a later time.

Experience a price spinner sale first hand and take a chance and spin to a lower price.

As with all our RAP Certified addons Price Spinner is designed to save you time and make your life easier.

Each product you setup in RAP can have its own independent Price Spinner configuration.

Best of all, because the addon plugs into RAP, you would not have to worry about the download delivery, one time offer display or commission tracking. It's all done for you simultaneously!

This is set up to work 24/7 for you. You literally just set it and forget it!

There is no other place on the planet to get Price Spinner.
This is a totally new sales tool for you to add to your tool chest.


"Officially Certified" Addons!

Every “” brand addon is “Officially Certified” by Sid Hale the creator of Rapid Action Profits Sales System.To be certified each addon is fully tested to work out of the box and guaranteed not to conflict with other Certified Addons from other developers. Certified Addons will not alter core Rapid Action Profits files so that core upgrades can be applied easily and without fail.

“” brand addons…

  • Come with full step by step documentation.Have a simple install sequence.
    • Upload the distribution
    • Log into your rap admin
    • Click the install link in the addon menu
    • Administer The Addon
  • Have a link to their own support forum available from each specific addon’s dashboard page.
  • Are administered within the main Rapid Action Profits dashboard.
  • Come with a built in version checker to indicate if you have the latest version. If not a link to download the latest version is provide from within the addon dashboard.


What About Support?

You receive THREE levels of FREE SUPPORT:

1.) Installation & Operational Users Guide

-> Detailed instructions on how to set-up and configure this script for optimal performance in less time.

Walk Through:

-> Installation of Your Script
-> Setting Up Your Script
-> How To Navigate The Admin Panel
-> How To Add & Manage Your Price Spinner Campaigns

2.) Message Board Support

-> If you are stumped, there is a owners forum. You will be able to find the help you may require beyond what the guide/manual provides.

3.) Support Helpdesk

-> If you are still stumped, I am available to answer any question you may have. Most people do NOT need it for what it's worth.


The First & Only Sales Concept Of Its Kind. This RAP Addon Creates Urgency In A Unique Way That Prompts You Visitors To Buy Right NOW!


What Are You Waiting For...

...Grab This For Only $37.00

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Give this addon a try. If you are not completely satisfied, I will make sure you receive your money back without any questions!

Remember These Benefits...

  • 100% Compatibility with RAP 3.0+
  • Compatible With Other Brand Addons.
  • Manages Price Spinner Sales For All Products
    • Each Product Can Have Its Own Spinner Sale
    • Each OTO Can Be Set To Run A Spinner Sale
  • Quick Start Installation & Owners Guide
  • Owners Forum & Help Desk Support
  • Free Security and Bug Fix Updates
  • Proprietary Version Checking System
  • Updates & Support Links Provided From The Addon Dashboard

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